Stories from the Babysits community

I work as a babysitter for 2 years now, and with Babysits I managed to have a schedule and payment more balanced. I often check the website and get in touch with families close to me. I am studying to become a teacher for children, so this work is just perfect for me!

Mariana, Belo Horizonte

I was working at a family house, but they fired me. I have been unemployed for months, and then I found Babysits. I found some jobs available and sent messages to the parents, and less than two weeks later I got my first job. I recommend the website.

Joana, Rio de Janeiro

Thanks to Babysits I could find a babysitter to take care of my two daughters and take them to school in the morning, when I am already at work. I am a single mother, and it is very difficult to conciliate my work with my daughters' schedule, and Babysits made my life much easier. It is very easy to register to the platform, and with the profiles information and references, I can select the right sitters registered near me. Thank you!

Fernanda, Vitória

At the beginning I was afraid to leave my daughter with a babysitter I didn't know well... The best benefit of Babysits is that I can check the profile information and references of the sitters before getting in touch with them and make the right choice. The community resources page is also helpful with tips about how to choose the best babysitter.

Pedro, São Paulo