6 Homemade popsicles

6 Homemade popsicles

By Babysits, 2 min read

Ice cream and frozen yoghurt are delicious go-to snacks when we’re looking to treat ourselves. However, if you want to reduce your sugar intake, we’ve got a great alternative for you.

Most of us have already tried to make our own ice cream or kid recipes at home.

Homemade frozen treats are a great alternative to store-bought ice cream or frozen yoghurt since they contain very little to no added sugar whatsoever. These homemade fruit popsicles are easy enough to prepare with your kids and you can easily adapt the recipe to create your own popsicle flavors!

With this recipe, you’ll be able to make 6 popsicle sticks to enjoy.

fruit popsicles

To prepare these healthy and simple frozen snacks you will need:

  • Plain yoghurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Jam
  • 6 ice cream sticks
  • 6 ice cream molds (you can buy them or just use some empty yoghurt pots)

Now that your ingredients are all set and ready to be used, all you need to do is:

  • Combine the plain yoghurt with the fresh fruit
  • Pour one spoon of jam into each yoghurt pot
  • Now add the fruit yoghurt in each pot
  • Finish by sticking the popsicle sticks in each pot

Your popsicles are now ready to go rest in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are hard and the stick actually sticks in the popsicle, the treats are ready to be served!

Did you know that fresh fruit contains around 90% water, but also lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies to function? If you are curious to find more kid friendly healthy recipes make sure to check out our kid recipes.

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